Foam Concentrate School

ENRG, as LASTFIRE Coordinators, have teamed up with GESIP, the specialist training and testing ground in France and CNPP, the foam testing laboratory, to run a seminar/workshop which will provide delegates with information relating to many topics associated with firefighting foam. These will include the mechanics of firefighting foam, foam system design, foam system performance specification and ongoing foam assurance as well as performance standards to provide you with the practical knowledge required to manage the firefighting foam systems at your installation. With the necessary transition to fluorine free firefighting foam equivalents over the next few years, we will provide information on the largest and most comprehensive test programme of fluorine free foams carried out to date in the world with different application techniques conducted at the GESIP facility in France with a 50 m x 6 m test pit. Foam Concentrate School

Unlike other similar events, this is managed and presented by totally independent specialists.

We will also reiterate that firefighting foam systems design should be based on a risk based approach to fire hazard management, to ensure that systems are installed based on the level of risk as well as recognised industry standards.

Practical demonstrations will include a demonstration in the lab of testing methods, plus large scale training exercises available to a limited number of people, demonstrating different foam types and different application methods with “real fuels”. The practical demonstration will also include collecting foam samples and measuring foam properties which is an integral part of foam assurance.

Finally, we will look at one of the key issues impacting firefighting foam today and that is the requirement to transition to fluorine free foam. In addition to providing an overview on the testing that has been carried out at GESIP, we will also provide delegates with an overview of the considerations that companies and facilities need to be aware of to ensure that they align with current and future legislation, but also retain the firefighting system capability required by each site.

Overall, this is a course that uses different methods and techniques to provide all attendees with a detailed knowledge and understanding of the issues relating to the design, engineering, operation and ongoing assurance of firefighting foam systems and providing a sound basis for transitioning to fluorine free firefighting foam equivalents.. Reinforcing the knowledge with some practical examples in the laboratory and out on the training ground.

With this wide range of subjects and practical demonstrations, this event will appeal not only to those responsible for Fire Hazard Management but also to all those involved in the transition to fluorine free foam – including environmental specialists who will attain a better understanding of how foam is used and how it can be managed responsibly in the future.