Evoks Ltd. has the experience and competence to recommend the most suitable equipment from a variety of manufacturers, to meet requirements of the system design and to produce a compliant system.

With expert knowledge of the fire & gas hazard, electrical installations, communications, instrumentation and lighting, how to protect against such hazard and mitigate the risk, we can select the most appropriate detection methodology and manufacturer, giving you the peace of mind that you have protected your plant and people, and we provide the documentation to support the decisions you will need to make in creating your safety case.

We can provide reassurance that the risk has been taken seriously and suitable prevention steps taken to meet your duty of care to your people.
This includes establishing detector type, setpoints, system cause and effect, and any executive control action.
We can compile the System Design Requirement and associated datasheets for the field devices to create a design document for the fire and gas system, detailing the detector type, quantity, and placement from a mapping study.