2024 IECEx International Conference

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of systematic testing and certification of Ex equipment in Croatia, we invite all interested parties to the international IECEx / UNECE conference organized in collaboration with the Croatian Institute for Standardization, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and the International Electrotechnical Commission System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres (IECEx). The conference will take place on March 14 and 15 at Le Meridien Lav Hotel in Podstrana near Split.

2024 IECEx International Conference

Thanks to our generous sponsors, interested participants can register for free through this link.

At the same location, from March 18 to March 29, 2024, as a continuation of the mentioned conference, daily meetings will be held for 6 different working groups, project teams, and standard maintenance teams of the international IEC Technical Committee 31 with its subcommittees. The focus will remain on the topic of explosion protection in explosive atmospheres in the industry.

We are particularly delighted that the Republic of Croatia has been chosen as the venue for this important event in 2024. This choice fills us with a special sense of pride and satisfaction, especially considering that our geographically small country is holding the international secretariat of IEC Subcommittee 31J in Zagreb since 1981.

IECEx certification, although not legally required in most member countries and relying on the goodwill of the client, becomes a significant factor in business because IECEx certificates guarantee the quality and reliability of a certified product or service. Experiences from the past 25 years, supported by the UN and major global companies in the energy, mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding, wood processing, cement, food and many other industries, lead to the conclusion that the influence of IECEx will continue to grow in the future.

Due to all the aforementioned reasons, we anticipate significant interest from Croatian business representatives, and members of the academic community in the field of technology, regulatory bodies, and market surveillance services. This conference provides an opportunity for participants to exchange experiences with colleagues from different countries worldwide. We express special gratitude for the noticeable positive impact of the efforts of national associations, ministries, and individuals in Croatia in promoting the significance and encouraging the development of quality infrastructure institutions (Sector for Explosive Atmospheres at Directorate of Civil Protection of the Republic of Croatia, Croatian accreditation agency, Croatian Standards Institute, and Croatian Institute of Metrology) and conformity assessment bodies.

We believe that you will recognize the positive idea of this gathering and the role of international standardization in promoting safety at workplaces exposed to explosive atmospheres, international trade, and removing barriers to the free trade of products and services. We are looking forward to welcoming you at the conference!